Great 1xbet bonus for Olympics

1xbet publishes an Olympic Lottery where you can win a car. Below is a list of basic rules - the other one is on their page.

  1. Register or log in to 1xBet to take part. Participation is free.
  2. The offer is available from 9 February (00:00 UTC+3) to 25 February (23:59 UTC+3) 2018.
  3. There are no restrictions on the number of deposits you can make or the number of tickets you can receive.
  4. Free lottery tickets will be automatically credited in My Account for deposits of at least 7 EUR.
  5. Winning tickets will be selected at random.
  6. Bonus points will be automatically awarded to the winning ticket holders.
  7. The prize draw will be held at 18:00 (UTC+3) on 26 February 2018 on the offer page.
  8. Winners of the main prizes are not eligible for any other prizes.
  9. 1xBet reserves the right to cancel or recall this offer or to change any provision thereof at any time without notification or explanation.
  10. Only registered customers can take part in the offer.
  11. This offer is available to only one person per family, and only one IP address, PC, and account can be used.